About TICKETsage

STRONG. PROFITABLE. STABLE.Flip the org chart on its head!
TICKETsage is a privately held corporation with a significant Intellectual Property portfolio. We think outside the box
and reinvest 28% of revenue into research and development. We believe that the way forward is to add significant
value to our clients' bottom lines year after year. We achieve that through superior technology and unmatched
customer service.

We do not want to be the biggest, but the best custom ticketing solutions provider in our industry with the highest
gross margins. We sincerely believe there is no better solution available than the TICKETsage UNITY Platform.

We are not funded with Venture Capital. We prefer Angels. We offer limited fractional ownership opportunities
and entertain strategic investments from time to time. We are always seeking like-minded organizations for
possible strategic alliances or merger.

Stephen Cassar
President / CEO